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About My New Glasses

My New Glasses wants to show you all the big feelings that 4-year-old Jupiter experiences in this funny and heartwarming book. Whether he’s worried, nervous, happy, or anxious, both parents and children will relate to this beloved story—a perfect way to teach children about differences and the fear of the unknown.

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"I loved the book. This definitely took me back to 1st grade when first had to get my first pair of glasses. They was bifocals of course and i was so embarrassed. I definitely felt like Jupiter. The illustrations down to the rhyming of the words. As an adult, I really enjoyed reading this book."


"What a wonderful read for any young child, but especially for one who is about to receive his/her first pair of glasses. As an individual who has been dependent on wearing glasses since the age of eight, I relived every moment of every steps of getting my first pair of glasses through Jupiter’s adventures. A magically written and illustrated book to be read and shared by all!"

Jessica L.

"Such a great story and message here for all to read. The colors are vibrant and bright from the first turn on the page with beautiful illustrations. I hope to have a Jupiter Collection sitting on my bookshelf soon. Hoping the next one will be an adventure to a zoo or maybe an Aquarium, hint-hint."

Jason B.

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